Lash extensions can become a nuisance when not properly cared for. The whole idea of extensions is to boost the look of your natural lashes. In order for your lashes to last is to up keep them. Many clients have asked me how they can take care of their lash set until their maintenance fill. So here’s some tips & tricks on how to keep those lashes on.

#1 The 24 hour Gap

Not many clients realize that they have to wait 24 hours before doing anything around the eye area. After getting your lashes done it’s always recommended to wait 24 hours for the glue to cure. The glue used is specifically made for lash extensions and needs to cure. When it fully cures to the lash it allows the lashes to bond. This will help the retention process start quicker.

#2 Clean Your Lash

I cannot stress this enough. You must clean your lashes to maintain the freshness. Clients usually get scared of cleaning them too much because they don’t want to cause fall out. However, not cleaning them can cause more damage than good. Think about the bacteria that will become stagnant between the extension and natural lash. Our skin and hair naturally produce oils. Not cleaning the lashes can cause lashes to fall out quicker, due to our natural oils. When bacteria lays on the eye area, sties can form on the lash line or lid. No one wants a crusty lid.

#3 Brush Them

Brushing your lashes are a good way to remove the “bad ones”. When you brush the grown out lashes off leaving room for lash growth. It will also help tangled extensions to separate and fluff up again. When we sleep the lashes can get a little wild. Don’t brush them too much though. At least twice a day should do the trick.

#4 Wear Dome Masks

Sleeping on our lashes can effect the retention. The material cotton can cause tugging at the lashes and could potentially be harmful to the extension and natural lash. If the natural lash gets pulled before entering the final phase of growth, it can cause irregular lash growth. Sleeping with an eye mask that has hollow covers over the eye can be helpful. It will keep the eye area protected from being squished in our pillows.
Another tip that would help is switching your cotton pillow cases with satin or silk material.

#5 Get your FILLS!

Most people don’t realize that lash extensions are not permanent and are meant to fall out. These are low but high maintenance and if you’re not coming in for your fills they will not last. They don’t damage unless you’re picking them off or rubbing your eye area. They are meant to fall out with your natural lash cycle. Every client has a different growth cycle. Some have a quicker cycle than others. Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks depending on your growth cycle. Some clients have a retention level of 4-5 weeks, but it’s rare.

How to Care for your Lashes