Hello my name is Luna, and I love to connect with my clients. I love empowering women and making them feel even more beautiful. I feel that lashes opens up a different side to us all. I live for that glow to a clients face when they open their eyes to the sight of their lashes. It gives out rays of confidence and I love to bring out every fairy’s inner light.

I started Moon Sugar Artistry in January 2019 and have been building my brand since. I am certified & insured in multiple companies. After being certified & experienced for two years I decided to launch my own business. Originally I am from New York City and decided to take on a big move to South West Florida. It was a big culture shock for me but I have used what I’ve learned from NYC into what I create today. I’m all about precision and quality with a bit of edge. I am now located & partnered with Fairytale Lashes & Spa, we work together in our facility but our companies are separate. With being two separate companies our prices may vary and differ. I hope we can create some lash magic together.